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Attaching the car eyelashes is very simple - All you do is stick them on with the 3m double sided tape.

Instructions with pictures are also sent with the Eyelashes for cars.

Make sure the surface at the top of the headlights are clean and dry before sticking the lashes. Remove any dirt, grease or wax.

We suggest you practice first! The 3M double sided trim tape is VERY STICKY! It cannot be repositioned. Once it touches your headlight or body surface
it is very difficult to remove without messing up the tape. Once the car eyelash is applied, rub firmly along the length of the car eyelash with your thumb to make sure the tape is completely attached.



Apply the lashes to the surface next to the headlight glass. The lash can also be applied directly to the headlight glass if it does not interfere with the function of the light.

Curve the base of the lash to follow the edge of the headlight. Make sure to apply enough force to keep bending the lash around the edge of the headlight. Each individual lash can be adjusted up and away from the headlight after the lash is attached with the 3M tape. Press down with your thumb and firmly bend the lash up.

If your headlights are not located under the hood

The lashes can be attached just above the headlight, or on the top edge of the headlight glass. See if there is a gap along the top edge of the headlight that lash can be slipped into, pull out the red backing after the lash is slipped into the crack. Use a table or butter knife to press the lash down firmly in the crack. (BMW MINI - The lash can be pushed into the gap between the glass and the chrome ring around the lights, or on the older BMW Mini's attached to the chrome ring around the outside of the headlight as the gap is smaller.)

Bend up the lashes at the base as needed to keep them from interfering with the headlight. If the lash is too wide for the headlight, you can trim off any overhanging lashes with scissors. The tips of the lashes can also be trimmed to make them shorter.

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