• Chinese copies - dont,bother !

    There are a huge number of people selling car eyelashes now but nearly all of them are cheap copies from China which look great when you first stick them on but after a fews days they will droop and look terrible and even fall off after a drive down the freeway. If you have ever purchased these cheap Chinese imported car eyelashes, you will know exactly what I mean and you will no doubt have been very disappointed and probably think that all car eyelashes are the same ,really cheap and nasty and a waste of money…. Many sellers are selling them on amazon and ebay for a few dollors because they are hot sellers and lots of people are looking for car eyelashes…

    But the thing is…. Everyone who buys them will take them off after a few days/ weeks because they look terrible or have already fallen off or one is drooping or is sagging down.

    The Chinese copy Imports are very thin and made from cut vinyl. They have to be curled with something like a stick or two rolling pins to get the curved shape, but the wind/heat from your car (or the sun if you live in a hot country) makes them droop easily and lose their shape within days.

    The best car eyelashes are injection moulded and will not droop and look superb.They are much stronger and so different from the cheap rubbish chinese copies. They should last for years and can even be transferred to another car, all you need (if you want to transfer them) is buy some more double sided tape and re-apply to the eyelashes and stick to the new vehicle. They are very easy to fit and easy to take off if you sell your car.

    Ok they are much more expensive than the cheap chinese ones but you get what you pay for – quality and style- why bother with the cheapies,don,t waste your money and spend a bit more and you will be very happy indeed.


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